Large Letters 50th Birthday Yard Signs-Buzzards and Black Candles
Large Vulture Sign-Happy Birthday you Old Buzzard- Yard Signs
Buzzard and Black Crows Birthday Yard Display Signs
You Know Your're Old When Tombstone Birthday Yard Signs
Lawn Letters and Numbers Birthday Black Vultures and Candles
Over The Hill Candy Bouquet, Black Candy, Snickers, Milky Way, Hersheys

Buzzards Yard Signs

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These over the hill buzzards are on a tombstone looking shape so you see tombstones from the house and buzzards from the street.  You get them coming and going.  Pair it with some large letters on the lawn or just use our 6ft tall buzzard to announce your special loved ones birthday. The large buzzard says Happy Birthday you old buzzard! Of course we can make sure we include the name of the "victim" and the age (if you would like).  Add a candy display or gift basket delivered to their front door and we will waive the delivery fee.

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