About Us

Smiles For All Occasions started as a mother and daughter owned business over 25 years ago. When we created this business I thought it would be a great way to be able to stay home with my children while spreading joy thought my surrounding cities in Oklahoma. Since my Mom and I are very close and do many things together, I figured going into business together would be a wonderful addition… and it was! We naturally love to make people smile and God has allowed us to bring smiles and laughter to not only those that we get hired directly for, but for everyone that sees the yard display or our best singing telegram (sing a grams) too. We are able to do several things with our company:

Show a very small portion of Christ’s Love, make people’s days brighter, I was able to homeschool my children and I got to add another wonderful level to my relationship with my Mom.

Now my Mom has moved (boo hoo), but since my children are much older now they have become a bigger part in our family business (creating another level to our own relationship). Nikki, one of my daughters is using her creative side bringing joy to people by making candy and gift baskets and other unique gifts. Even to this day when my Mom comes to visit we can’t wait to do some displays together again!  If you have any questions please contact us.Smiles For All Occasions