Old Lady Standing with Man with Birthday Hat and Glasses
Old Lady with Walker Leaping in the Air
Old Grandma with Walker Standing with Woman
Old Lady Standing with Man with Valentine Headbands
Old Lady Mabel
Dum Dum Sucker Tree in Pink Mason Jar
Over The Hill Candy Bouquet, Black Candy, Snickers, Milky Way, Hersheys

Old Lady Mabel

Meet our Singing Telegram Old Lady Mabel!  She is the most energetic, spunkie, fun sing-o-gram you will meet!  Oh, did we mention her infamously large buttocks that she shakes around while she is dancing and singing.  She can turn a whole crowd to tears of laughter. Perfect for proposals, birthdays, anniversaries or just for fun, singing telegrams are the most memorable gifts for both the sender and the receiver.  Let Mable bring that special someone a gift basket or candy bouquet and we will waive the delivery fee!

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