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Cash Money Wreath

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This Cash Money Wreath is a gift that EVERYONE wants!  Decorated for graduation, sweet 16, 21st birthday, Wedding, Mother's or Father's Day, baby shower or any day in between. This makes a gift that no on will forget!  That's what we do here at Smiles For All Occasions, we make people smiles with unforgettable gifts!  Add this to one of our yard sign displays or singing telegrams and you will be the talk of the town giving these gifts! You get to pick your color theme and decor choice too!  

Let us know your specific occasion and we will customize it for you!

Each wreath is composed of 35 $1 bills and a decoration at the top. If you would like a bigger denomination to give (more than $35) just less us know and we can accommodate you!

The wreath is approximately 12" across.

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