Halloween Care Package / Boo Box
Halloween Care Package / Boo Box
Halloween Care Package / Boo Box
Halloween Care Package / Boo Box

Halloween Care Package / Boo Box

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This Halloween Boo Box is perfect to send to those you love. Halloween is a night full of spooky costumes, haunted houses and lots and lots of goodies!
This 2020 Halloween year may look a little different for some. Maybe you can’t go out with your kids due to covid, maybe it’s the year where your kids declared they are too old for trick-or-treating (they grow so fast) , or maybe you just want to add something to the night of fun. No matter what age you have or what reason you’re getting it there is something for everyone in the Boo Box!
Our Boo Box is filled to the brim with spectacular snacks and candies that will fill your little monsters tummies...or the little monsters parents;)
Your Boo Box will ship fast and get there quickly (unless you are wanting it at a later date...just let us know)
Let us help you make their Halloween extra special with a gift they will love! And don’t forget it comes with your custom note! SO don’t forget to let us know what you would like it to say!

[1] Cheetos
[1] Lays
[1] Chex Mix
[1] Pirate Booty
[1] Cheese It’s
[1] Doritos
[1] Popcorn
[1] Scooby Snacks
[1] Chips Ahoy
[1] Pretzel
[1] Sour Patch Kids
[6] Mini Starburst
[4] Fun Size Skittles
[1] Sweedish Fish
[3] Fun Size Snickers
[3] Fun Size Kit Kats
[3] Fun Size M&Ms
[3] Fun Size Milky Ways
[3] Fun Size Reeses
[3] Fun Size Hershey
[1] Twix

We reserve the right to make substitutions as necessary based on product availability. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

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