Sports Breakable Smash Heart
Sports Breakable Smash Heart
Sports Breakable Smash Heart
Sports Breakable Smash Heart

Sports Breakable Smash Heart

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Here is one of our memorable gifts that you can give that gets a lot of smiles! Our Smash Breakable Birthday Heart are fun and unique! They stand out in the sea of basic gifts. You're sure to wow your loved one's with their personalized hearts. Not only do they get to smash them but you can hide a treat inside!

You can order the heart with no letters or add your special words. Please let us know in the note section what you would like. *Note, if you do not tell us what words you would like, the heart will be plain

If you need more letters / numbers just message us or different colors just message us and we can see what we can do.

FILLINGS (Tell us your choice in the note section)
--Mini Candies (Kit Kat- Milky Ways - Reese's etc)
--Hershey Kisses
--Ferrero Rocher
--Lindor Truffle
--Dove Chocolate
--Gummy Candy

We will also include Your personal note at no additional cost!

^^^Please let us know if it is going directly to the recipient or if it is going to you...we wrap it differently for extra protection!
***SAVE ON SHIPPING-- Let us know if you are ordering more than one box, they can be sent to you and we can ship a couple in the same box to save you $$ on shipping costs.

This heart measures approximately 7"x7"x2", so anything you'd like to place in/under the heart will need to be smaller than these measurements.

Ideas on what you can place in/under your heart besides the note:
- car keys
- gift cards
- phones, earphones, etc
- jewelry...rings (hint hint), earrings, watches, etc.
- cash
- a note with treasure hunt leading them to something that won't fit under the heart

Please note that each item is handcrafted and slight variations may occur. Plus the colors on your screen are always slightly different than in person. Color of sprinkles may vary based on availability. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

There is a 1-2 business day processing time before shipping PLEASE make sure you add this to your shipping time. If you need it sooner please message us.
For shipping, We wrap everything for it to arrive safely and in one piece! Secured with layers of paper, bubble wrap, crinkle paper, or air pillows. When you receive the package, please remove all the packaging, then assemble to your liking. If it is going directly to the recipient they will just have to remove the top layer of protection to unveil the super cute heart just for them! The heart will be fairly thick so it will not break in may be hard to break, but use this as a challenge to see how long it will take you!!

Choices for Delivery:

You can choose to ship it to a loved one (you may need to add an ice pack if it is warm)

We can deliver it for free if we are at the location for a yard sign or singing telegram

You can come pick it up locally in Edmond Ok to deliver it yourself

You can order just the heart or add some extra love by adding chocolate covered Oreos or pretzels in our other listings.

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