Elves Out To Play
Elves Out To Play
Elves Out To Play
Elves Out To Play

Elves Out To Play

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The Elves In The Yard scheduling is now OPEN! You may purchase any day that your zip code is listed on. Be ready to see the smiles and laughter of all those in your home! Please let us know a time window that you would like the Elves to come in the "GIFT MESSAGE" spot during check out.  We will try our best to accommodate your choice the best we can based on our mapped out schedule to make as many families smile.  We will contact you to let you know your time slot as well as getting a little more information about the kids that will be watching those mischievous elves, so we can make things a little personalized.  You not only get one elf...but TWO! If your zip code is not shown, please message us and we will see if we can get some special elves to come down from the North Pole especially for you! Call or Text us at 405-408-9421

 Regular price $55 (DISCOUNT for early bird special $40)

Sunday Dec 1st  Zip Codes 73013, 73134, 73142

Saturday Dec 7th Zip Codes 73013, 73012, 73003, 73034, 73025

Sunday Dec 8th Zip Codes 73120, 73114, 73131, 73116

Saturday Dec 14th Zip Codes 73013, 73134, 73142

Sunday Dec 15th Zip Codes 73013, 73012, 73003, 73034, 73025

Saturday Dec 21st Zip Codes 73120, 73114, 73131, 73116

Sunday Dec 22nd Zip Codes 73013, 73134, 73142

Monday Dec 23rd Zip Codes 73013, 73012, 73003, 73034, 73025

(Christmas Eve Price Reg $80 early bird special $65)

Tues Dec 24th Zip Codes 73013, 73134, 73142 

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