Character Parties

Hero product

Smiles For All Occasions has been bringing smiles to Oklahoma for over 16 years.  Our performers are devoted to creating realistic and magical character interactions with your little ones.  We love these characters and are excited to make them come alive at your party, company events or one-on-one experiences.  We create magical smiles from all who see us, turning a regular day into spectacular one!

Imagine the moment when your child sees their favorite princess, mermaid or fairy majestically walking into their party. Their face lights up with joy as their storybook character comes to life standing before them, looking like they stepped right out of the storybook. Allow us to create a moment that you and your child will capture in your hearts forever!
We wouldn't forget your action filled, rough and tumble, hero kind of kid!  As our Heros enter the party every head will turn in amazement. Your child’s jaw will drop at the sight of their favorite hero strutting toward them.  A party memory that is etched in their minds for years to come!